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Dragon Iron man 3 War Machine 2 1/9 Action Hero Vignette NEW

Dragon Iron man 3 War Machine 2 1/9 Action Hero Vignette NEW
Dragon Iron man 3 War Machine 2 1/9 Action Hero Vignette NEW thumbnail 1Dragon Iron man 3 War Machine 2 1/9 Action Hero Vignette NEW thumbnail 2Dragon Iron man 3 War Machine 2 1/9 Action Hero Vignette NEW thumbnail 3
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แก้ไขล่าสุด 21 ส.ค. 2557
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If The Avengers was the most anticipated movie last year, then the title for 2013 undoubtedly goes to Marvel's Iron Man 3! Since the world renowned kit producer Dragon Models last brought you their popular Avengers line of products, Dragon's Advanced Research & Technology Team (D.A.R.T.) has been hard at work to bring you their latest line of Iron Man 3 items!


A hybrid between a display figure and a kit, Dragon brings you the best of both worlds. Our many years of experience in 3D technology and manufacturing techniques allow us to reproduce the fine details and sharp lines to maximize the intricacies of the various Iron Man armors. Pre-painted and within their own diorama environment, each vignette comes in their own unique pose that is often difficult to achieve and hold with traditional action figures. Plug and display in just a few steps, Dragon's Action Hero Vignette is a must-have for all Marvel collectors!


Iron Man's partner makes a triumphant return in Iron Man 3, and with an upgrade as well! War Machine also gets a new look since we last saw him, including a brand new shoulder cannon and a less bulkier exterior. The heavy-metal inspired metallic black and silver color scheme remains and is represented in Dragon's first ever War Machine offering. Featured in a dynamic pose and affixed to a battle-scene diorama base, this is a must have item for all War Machine fans.


Special Features:

Highly collectible display model

Developed in 3D, using official data from Marvel

Highly detailed and accurate

Dynamic poses with diorama base

Fully colored and textured to movie likeness

Minimal assembly, "plug and display"



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เปิดร้าน19 ก.ค. 2555
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