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Transformers Generations GDO Leader Class Ironhide NEW

Transformers Generations GDO Leader Class Ironhide NEW
หมวดหมู่ FIGURE / MODEL / TOYS
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แก้ไขล่าสุด 29 มี.ค. 2557
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Transformers Generations GDO Leader Class Red Ironhide 

  • 10 inch scale highly detailed figure 
  • Multiple points of articulation 
  • Features gun firing sound effect with red light 
  • Fully transformable Officially licensed
  • Brand new in window box packaging

this ironhide is awesome! the figure is a recolor, but a first look may seem it's a whole different toy from the DOTM ironhide.
since it's been out from last year, not many people may know about this toy.
the toy itself is expensive, and it is usually in Asian markets, like the GDO starscream toy. i do not like the parts that make up the chest. the chest looks like someone just added some decorations to it while the parts of the truck are left at the back. the color is very cool, inspired by G1 ironhide's color.

the ball joints are a little weak, and there's no autobot insignia at the front window.
the extra weapons aren't necessary, but i like the knife and the extra guns. the chest cannon is also cool, but it doesn't make any sounds in robot mode, but you could store small things in the room for the cannon. the sounds are pretty cool, and they are different than dark of the moon ironhide. ironhide has some kibble, but his inaccurate feet can hold up the heavy figure. the mechtech ports are on the shoulders, just like tomahawk. despite small minor bad points, i like the warrior.

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